Democrats on the Couch

We’ve fallen into the narrative trap that Trump has set. Here’s how to turn it against him.

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In an earlier Democrats on the Couch article, I promised to discuss narrative and persuasion and what it will take to master this crucial campaign skill. I’m going to cover this here, but differently than I originally had planned. I’m going to use the coverage of the recent food-fight of a debate as a real-life, real-time example of what taking charge of the narrative looks like… and doesn’t look like.

The main point I want to make is how we need to become savvier about the way Trump uses all of us to feed his strategy and promote his narrative…


The story behind the person behind “Democrats on the Couch.” She’s not your typical D.C. strategist. Turns out, it’s a damn good thing.

photoshop by Joseph Souza

I’m an accidental activist.

Like all activists, I have a principled streak that runs deep, and my willful zeal for “what’s right” drew me into work I couldn’t not do. Unlike others, I’ve approached activism from a completely different angle — that of strategist.

How I arrived here, doing what I’m doing was entirely incidental — born from a Democratic Party need that wasn’t being met, and from my unique background that gave me a perspective those in the Beltway didn’t have.

Before 9/11, I was apolitical. I woke up to politics with the Twin Towers collapsing in flames along…


To Win in 2020, Democrats have to cease the infighting and unify forces. Here’s how a family therapist would intervene in their self-destructive divide.

Istock image. Photoshop by Brain Seitz.

Like a vulture spotting troubled prey, Donald Trump has honed in on Democrats’ disunity, knowing it’s their greatest vulnerability. Immediately following Biden’s ascent as the presumptive nominee, Trump began taunting the “Bernie people” that, once again, they’d been dismissed by Party establishment and deemed irrelevant.

By stoking the embers that have been smoldering between the two wings of the Democratic Party since 2016, Trump has set out to amplify chaos and divisiveness — his signature strategy…


How to Beat Trump and the GOP by Being Psychologically Shrewd

To effectively campaign and legislate, Democrats have to overcome polarization, manipulation of reality, and D.C. dysfunction. With tricks of the trade, a family therapist explains how.

It’s past time to stop Republicans’ complete control over Democrats’ every move. (Image courtesy of clip-art.)

We all know U.S. politics is beyond dysfunctional, yet don’t know what to do about it. Parties are bitterly polarized. Government is gridlocked. Politicians are running roughshod over our constitution. And leadership is degenerating right before our eyes. Those on the Left see Donald Trump and his Republican lackeys as the clear culprits. Yet Democrats are caught up in the dysfunction as well, becoming part of the problem without even realizing it.

The good news: Since Democrats are part of the problem, they’re also part of the solution. As the principles of cybernetics suggest, change in…

Michelle Deen

Author “Saving America's Grace.” Therapist turned Dem comms strategist taking on GOP manipulation/polarization/ dysfunction/messaging

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