It helps me to look for silver linings so I will continue to do that.

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I am not normally an optimist. The reason I search out ‘positives’ so vehemently in the midst of this barrage of news is not that I am a Pollyanna or ‘head in the sand’ person. I recognize and honor the scope of this pandemic but I also believe in the deep power for good in the Universe.

So today I again went sniffing out some good stuff. I found these two encouraging articles. Reading them did help calm my amygdala. They made me smile and HOPE.

I believe remaining HOPEFUL is the key to all of this news.

So I…

A great spiritual question came to me today after watching a Mindfulness podcast

“Gratitude supports the immune systems but also lets us see things from all perspectives. It’s up to us which perspective we will choose — but its best to be aware of all of them.” — JOHN WATERHOUSE

Today I feel extremely grateful. Yes, grateful.

I am appreciating all I have.

I am staying in Constant Gratitude, and I feel calm even though a part of me is sad and fearful. Both emotions are co-existing.

I've written about Gratitude (even Constant Gratitude) in the past and now I have the OPPORTUNITY to practice it. Practice what you preach eh?

I had…

Forbes Magazine found some startling facts about our world getting safer, not more dangerous

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I’ve been on a kick to find the OPPORTUNITY and optimism in the midst of all the scary Coronavirus news. It is a way for me to personally combat my anxious brain. I have a history of anxiety and panic so this ‘quest’ I am on now is mainly for me to stay as calm as possible during this time.

Yeah it is a scary time and Coronavirus IS real but I need to be careful and intentional to manage my anxiety. That means choosing what I allow in my brain instead of letting fear run me.

I decided to…

One of my opportunities now is to seek out and find new ways to be calm.

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A few days ago I woke up freaked and frightened. I felt deep grief and sadness for the world combined with overall body shakes. It was like full-on panic attacking my entire Limbic System and physical body.

I’m sure we’re all feeling some ‘waves of panic’.

This was after an unexpected night of finding myself going down the YouTube coronavirus rabbit hole. (My mistake!! Don’t do it. It’s not productive and it’s just not worth the toll on the brain!)

My friend Don Feazelle wrote about keeping a ‘cool head’ during this time of life and he is right. Panic…

This mantra is one that is helping me stay calm and balanced.

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It’s obvious that fear is all around.

Fearful vibes and honest reasons for fear. We all have to find what works for us to calm our minds. I am attempting to keep myself and my brain as calm as possible with different mantras.

I heard this mantra the other day which I immediately adopted. It helps me to tell myself this constantly:


It reminds me that we can hold both fear and hope at the same time in our brains. Try it.

I even write this out often in my Gratitude Journal daily. It even helps to write it out with paper and pen, not just type…

My boyfriend is delivering groceries for Insta-Cart and is doing a great service during this time of need!

For the past few days, I have felt a lot of emotions as my boyfriend Bob runs out of the house early in the morning like a firefighter to deliver groceries to needy people.

  1. He is brave.
  2. He is helping so many people who can’t or shouldn’t go out.
  3. He is a true hero to me.

I’m so grateful for him and what he is doing.

He’s been working for Insta-Cart for over a year and is very good at his job. I think of him now like a firefighter going into a burning house.

I feel a bit like…

I think media coverage should be focused more on this subject.

The media seems to be neglecting something very important in my opinion as far as it’s coverage of the coronavirus. That is:


Did you know that having a mental health condition, like depression or anxiety, weakens the immune system, decreases the ability to fight off illnesses and makes you more vulnerable to common colds, flu, and other viruses?

Instead of watching a large amount of mainstream media news today I decided to search a bit on this subject. I found some important things out about mental health and our immune system.

“The connection between psychological well-being and physical…

In these times we all get to pick our comfort

BY Skittles-n-Twix

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. — Bob Marley

In the midst of this New World we are suddenly thrust into I’m sure we all want some feelings of comfort and joy. Gotta find the Joy Dammit!!

I’ve been feeling some comfort and joy, not from that Christmas song but from playing my new piano/keyboard, almost obsessively.

This week I am beginning to study classical and jazz piano. I am learning a ton about being a musical arranger.

It’s been a slice of…

This comment from an optimistic friend today changed my entire mindset.

SOURCE photo

Ironically after drinkin’ my coffee this morning, I wasn’t looking forward to the daily news. I was dreading it a bit. I saw two SUPER OPTIMISTIC articles in the midst of all the ‘sky is falling Coronavirus news’.

One was titled:

Being Optimistic When the World Around You Isn’t from It had this subtitle: It’s possible to look on the bright side even when no one else is.

The other was titled: Corvid19 is Doing the Planet Good by Chrissie Morris Brady.

Wow…Some optimistic news??

Some good news about having a ‘Happy Hermit’ Lifestyle: You can get a lot of productive work done!

I know Coronavirus is not something to make fun of or minimize but as comedienne Joy Behar said the other day:

‘Humor lightens our load. We have to laugh sometimes or we’ll cry’.

Also, we shouldn't panic.

As most of you are probably doing, I have been monitoring the Coronavirus news. I feel I’ve prepared myself enough. We stocked up on extra supplies and I am staying inside as much as possible.

It’s always good to see the upside of things though.

The upside of this whole quarantine thing for me is…

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