365 BLOGS in 365 DAYS CHALLENGE. Can I do it? yesss!!

HI everyone. This is my first day here so I suppose I am supposed to write something. Okayyy… here goes!

I am 55 years old. I began writing seriously last year after my cat died. I loved him with my whole heart. His death hit me hard and it was the catalyst for my sudden and all consuming writing frenzy.

I have three published poetry books on Amazon. I self published through createspace.com which was a good experience.

Here is my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE https://www.amazon.com/Michelle-Monet/e/B01J5X26QS/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

I also have a Blog called “365 BLOGS in 365 DAYS’. Its my challenge to write edit and PUBLISH one essay/blog a day, mainly to keep myself disciplined as a writer.

It has been such a wonderful experience honestly. I am overflowing with ideas lately so the Blog works great for me. I write on a variety of subjects from creativity and writing to humor, to politics and social issues to my uncut toenails.

Some days I feel like a mix between Andy Rooney and Erma Bombeck with a little Emily Dickenson thrown in for my menlancholy angst moments. ha!

Eventually I want to get back to writing my Memoir about my life in showbiz. I wrote 40,000 words towards it but hit a sudden painful BLOCK when I hit some raw emotional shit. (Unresolved issues with dad mainly. UGH!)

I know I will eventually get back to my Memoir. It is my life mission to write my story about my life in showbiz, being married to an abusive hubby who almost killed me , stole all my money and left me peniless in a foreign country. It is a survivor story and I am very determined to get it done. I’m honestly not sure if it will take a few more years or months but I’m being patient with myself.

I have over 52 FULL journals from age 8 so I definitely have plenty of material to sift through too!

By writing my daily blog I am becoming a better writer which is my ultimate goal so that when I get back to writing my Memoir I will have improved.

So my goal is to write 365 FULL ESSAYS/short stories on my blog and then after the 365 days is done I will decide whether to put it into a book or two books or three? Who knows? NO matter what moood I’ve made a commitment to do this EVERY DAY for 365 days!! Do you think I can do it?

ok here it is. www.michellemonet.com/blog

I’d love to figure this medium thing out soon.

Great to be here.