I just finished reading the book Gone Girl. The main character is a writer who got fired from his job as a magazine writer in New York. He blamed his demise on the evil…..Internet!

‘Those damn online magazines and ‘faux news’ sources snatching my job from me!’ he complained.

After bitching and moaning he figured he had to adapt.

He ended up buying and owning a corner bar in Manhattan instead. He found it to be a more lucrative choice.

Deep down he knew he was a writer but he had to think of what to do for a living now.

He had to: ADAPT OR DIE.

LIFE is MooooOooooVing so fast, isn’t it?

Technology changes every day it seems. It feels like we are living in a whole new world — whole new Universe sometimes.

So many cultural icons that were staples in our country also seem to be extinct or are becoming that way.

I was thinking about some brands and businesses that failed (or are failing ) to adapt to this new world:

1. Bookstores
2. Post Offices
3. Small town printers like Kinkos
4. Video stores like BlockBuster (of course record albums and CDs)
5. Stores like Sears and JC Penney
6. Shopping Malls

Then there’s the Music Business and the Literary Businesses.

Both, seem to have turned upside down and musicians and writers have to adapt. There is no other choice it seems.

Musical artists and book authors no longer have to go the ‘traditional’ route to get their work out there. They have to find other ways to be able to create their art.

They must:


Every morning when I opened my computer to blog it seemed that there was a new:

  • Widget
  • App
  • Theme
  • Tool
  • Plugin
  • Anti-malware
  • WordFence
  • Search Engine Optimization option
  • Thingamajig!!?


I just want to write a simple Blog dammit!!! #*$()#*)(#

I’m sure if I learned to be more computer savvy it would benefit me in the future although I admit I’m not that great at tech stuff.

But have no choice but to: ADAPT OR DIE!

Right when I feel I have finally learned something technical like the Square Reader, for instance (which I brought to art shows to run customer sales ) they’ve added more updates to it — almost daily it seems. GRRR!

I long for the olden days when I made sales transactions with real live CASH! Ah, the simplicity of it.

I miss so many past simplicities. I really do prefer simple. I am not fond of complicated.

I know this culture is no longer simple. I know its a new world and we all must: ADAPT OR DIE!

It also seems that many verbal expressions have come down to a simplified tweet now.

Is this the descending of mankind?

Do we have to ADAPT to fewer words now too?

What about novelists? Do they have to ADAPT their storytelling now to fit shorter manuscripts? SHorter attention spans.

Another example is the retail culture.

My dad, for instance, owned a few retail women’s clothing stores in Denver in the 1980s. They were like mini Macy’s stores. Much smaller than Macy’s but they focused on personal service.

Umm, what’s that? Personal? Service?

I doubt his business model could make it in this new world. I’m almost sure he would’ve been gobbled up by a larger chain.

I’m wondering what newfangled technology will be invented tomorrow. In what ways we will all have to ADAPT?

I guess we will have to wait and see…HANG ON FOR THE RIDE!


According to Author Neil Gaiman in his memorable speech to a college graduating class he was talking about how fast the world is changing, in particular in the creative world, and he said optimistically:

‘No one knows what the landscape looks like now, in print, in visual arts…musicians, creative people of all kinds. On one hand, it’s intimidating. On the other hand immensely liberating. The assumptions the ‘have to’s’ to get your work seen…The gatekeepers are leaving their gates. You can be as creative as you need to be to get your work seen. The old rules are crumbling and no one knows what the new rules are so…Make up your own!’

Honestly, I do like his optimistic outlook. We all have got to be innovative now, more creative in our thinking. Forge new paths. That old adage ‘The survival of the fittest’ seems appropriate now more than ever. I do believe that our ability to respond and react to change is critical to our success.


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