The tiny room/minimilist craze

The TINY HOUSE craze has been in the news a lot lately. I’ve thought about what a cool idea it is. I realized that I really don’t need a lot of room. I don’t need or want a lot of ‘stuff’ either.

Could I live in a tiny room? I think I could… well maybe not THIS TINY but if I had a comfy bed, a place to write, a computer, my books, and a small kitchen — -oh, and a place for my cats I’d be good to go.

I’m very used to living in hotel rooms anyway and very small spaces. I’ve lived on people’s couches from Denver to Reno, to New York when I was a struggling singer in between gigs in my 20s and 30s.

Many people took me in I recall.

There was a married couple in Reno who I met when I was singing in a show at the Nugget Hotel’ in Sparks Nevada. They became fans. Came to see me sing quite often. So when I was looking for a new singing job they put me up in their back bedroom because they thought I was ”talented .. and .. interesting’. (Ha) Maybe they just wanted to help or they liked me. I don’t know. It was a combination of both.

While writing my memoir recently, looking back on my life, I realize how often this has happened.

I’ve slept on my mom’s couch (which wasn’t that comfy) for awhile in my younger years too.

I recall taking my pencil and journal out to different places to write often if I wasn’t inspired by the small space. I’d go out to outdoor cafes, libraries, parks or bookstores a lot.

I felt satisfied with just a pencil and a journal, going out to write, then coming back to my small very small space. It was fine.

Teeny tiny room!

So many people seem to be into Minimalism and the Tiny House craze lately.

I think I could groove on that lifestyle too as long as I had a few things that I loved — oh, and some sunshine! Gotta have sunlight!

I don’t think I’d be happy in a windowless space.

A few years ago Bob and I lived in Bobs mom’s basement for awhile and it felt stifling and confining mainly because of the lack of windows and sunshine. I definitely feel happier with sunshine–not a dark space.


I recall back in my younger (sillier more wanting to please others) days when my closet was full to the brim with clothing– even organized into sections. Eek! I used to put together specific matching ensembles –earrings, shoes, purse etc. What a total BOTHER! It seems a waste of energy to me now. I could be putting my energy towards other productive things like:

More creative projects.

I don’t like the confusion of having to make a decision or spend much time on clothing choices now. I have 4 pairs of pants that I wear in a rotating fashion. A few comfortable sweatshirts and t-shirts and I’m good to go! (I do love super fuzzy socks, and flannely soft fuzzy robes. Yeah, I could live in those!)

So, the writer life fits me very well.

It might help to have nifty wallpaper though?!

I might though be good at a job where you get a uniform to wear every day.

NO thinking. No choices. Yeah!

I recently volunteered for over 20 days, at a Red Cross Distribution Center. I wore a yellow vest with orange stripes and I sorta liked the simplicity of putting it on every morning over my simple black long sleeved t-shirt and tennis shoes or hiking boots. Done! No thinking required.

I like simple, done and easy these days!

It could be because I’m 55 now. I don’t have much need for complications. I like getting up and throwing on one of my favorite writer’s uniforms (?) now. A purple, turquoise or black robe. I get to pick one, make coffee and sit down to type.

Oh, I haven’t worn underwear in 8 years and trust me I LOVE IT!! I love the simplicity and comfort of it. Plus I hated the way undies would ride up on me and make me feel all bunched up and itchy. ICK!

I used to sing a song in my past music life Give me the Simple Life‘.

I really just want the simple life now. It makes me happiest.

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