— because I might have completely changed.

Funny how much life can change so quickly — it can become totally new. A situation, awareness or crisis can change us profoundly, to our core.

What we once thought was true, or thought we knew, can become totally different in a moment.

A year ago my desire was to write a lot of books. Now I’ve changed my tune on that.

I remember when Oprah had her TV show and she said:

‘We all have a right to change our minds!’

Now I am not motivated by the need to get books out there.

A filmmaker friend Bob Belinoff and I were talking on the phone last week.

Just one comment he made might have changed my mind completely. He said:

‘People don’t read F*CKIN BOOKS ANYMORE which is why I switched my passion to making short films!’

He said ‘peoples attention spans have become so short that reading a book is not on their priority list. Some can’t even get through a book or find the time to read.’

WOW. Thats sad.

He is 70 years old. Making short films (5 minutes or so long) is more the speed of the American psyche now he said.


Right when I thought writing and publishing books was gonna be my ‘thing’, my calling in my life I am now rethinking this.

I am rethinking my goal of writing books and that’s just fine.

I will still do my daily essay(blog) because honestly it is/was my commitment to myself and I believe in honoring commitments.

Its important to me to do it, even though almost daily my ‘reason’ for writing shifts.

I will continue to write and research my next two books too but no longer will it be my ultimate goal.

People who judge us on what we were yesterday or make assumptions, or think we are the same as we were yesterday might have it totally wrong.

We might be 100% different now. Totally new.

So I am not the same as I was yesterday.

Just as nature shifts and changes with the seasons we humans can also do the same.