and more CHANGES! GRR#*$(@#*!!

So today I am feeling frustrated by so many technical changes. First I have a new cellphone. I am so used to my old one. I loved it. Now I have to get used to an all new phone and for some reason it is stressful for me.

I can’t find my photos and cant make calls yet. I sounded garbled when talking to a few friends on the phone today. GRR! I wanted so much to talk to a business lead on the phone but she said I sounded like I was in a far away tunnel and she couldn’t hear me at all. Oh well.

The Universe was blocking me? TECHNOLOGY was blocking me!!?#*&$(#*

Now my computer that I’ve used for many many years (and which I am editing my next book with today) has up and died on me so my bf loaned me his tablet.

I was so used to having my old keyboard at a lower angle on my desk (a perfect position!) so that my arms while typing were comfortable and low down. LOL. Now my arms are at a new upper angle, my arms are higher up while typing and it feels damn weeeeird!

It feels odd and different now just typing! It is slowing down my writing and editing which I was going to spend all my day doing today.

Ohwelllllll!! :(

So now my bf informs me that I no longer can use Microsoft Word for editing.


He said it wasn’t compatible with my new laptop and that Id have to get used to Microsoft Office program now. I know they are similar programs but am I an OLD DOG not wanting to learn new tricks? Probably so!

Damn!! All the icons and editing features are in new places on the keyboard so I have to relearn THIS TOO!!!

The delete key has MOVED? SHIT! Where the heck is it? (HA!)

OH, and the screen even looks different while editing which is a bit disconcerting.

I am honestly feeling uneasy and a bit panicky about all of this. Is this a panic attack trigger ? Can anyone relate to a bit of panic when your stuff gets moved and changes hit you all at once?

Having my stuff change on me — Stuff that I’m used to having a certain way is nerve wracking. Is this a bit like OCD? I don’t know, but I felt an odd trembling and shakiness come over me on the inside when all this happened today.

Everything about Microsoft Office seems odd to me. All the editing icons are now on the right side. I am used to them being in the upper center.

But, Maybe this CHANGE Stuff will end up being good?

How? (Well lets seeeee. I like to look for the good in every situation so let me try now).

Ok, the good that can come from it is that this is an opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and embrace change. Yea — and to realize how everything in life is always shifting and changing and now I can practice not allowing it to affect my peace of mind.

Remain calm in the midst of the waves of life.

Lif’es changes are constant. I cant afford to let every changes affect my mooooood! I cant be swayed by them.

So I say — ‘Bring it on new technology!! I can handle you! You aren’t gonna stop me!!’

(Back to editing book 4 now)

THANKS FOR READING! I hope you are having a better day than me today.