Ok so?

A friend Barb said yesterday, “you are intense’.

Yea yeah I know I have serious intensity, but now I am channeling my intensity into my Art Shoe business and its a positive channel.

I think for intense people we can go two ways sometimes. Down the intensity road of seriousness, depression or negativity or BUCK UP and use our intensity in a good way.

The world situation is also very intense. That’s obvious.

Intense emotions abound, it seems!

I am using my intensity now in my new art business. (Making art shoes almost 9 hours a day.)

Hey I am a one woman start up company so I have to focus on it intensely, dedicate to my ideas and channel my intensity into creative expression!

I dream of ideas at night and what I will make the following day. It is intensely fun too and is far better than to go down the rabbit hole of the past or negative emotions.

Why did I have such a shitty childhood?

Why is the world so fucked up?

Why is life so confusing and crazy?

All these deep intense emotions I’ve always had and still have I can channel now into productivity.


It always has and maybe always will.

I can relate to this article “Art Saved My Life” By Douglas Eby

“I learned that an artist is someone who makes art to save her life.” Marlene Azoulai

‘Creative expression can transform our painful reactions to traumatic situations, providing renewed strength of our identity and a way to give voice to difficult feelings. Art that we create — or even made by others — can remodel our inner realities.’

I learned that an artist is not necessarily someone who has studied art, but one who has something to say, and the courage to say it.


I am thankful that I get ‘chosen’ to be called to creative works although it does seem like a pain in the ass sometimes like ‘WHY ME ? Hey Universe, why are you choosing Me to make this stuff? but creativity has always been there for me and I’ve always been able to count on it.

I am thankful for that and I choose to respect the ‘callings’ of my muse.

Like today I have this big pile of shoe ideas I am working on in my art room. My goal is to get enough samples to put up on my etsy page and website in a week or so.


(Here are some half done shoes I am working on now)


Back in 1996 I first discovered visual art.

I was 35 years old and had never drawn a stick figure in my life. I was singing /starring in a Production Show in Sun City, South Africa (long story) and my husband at the time left me there after stealing all of our’ money and almost killing me. It was a horrendous time.

I was beyond depressed. Almost comatose.

Almost every single thing in my life made no sense but this inner voice/force told me ‘GO CREATE ART!’ so I listened and I did that…intensely.

I jumped into teaching myself art, drawing, calligraphy, collage, watercolor, acrylic,colored pencil etc. and it did eventually save me.

I emerged from it with an art business, financial security (?) and purpose.

So this time at age 55 I have the same exact feeling with my new shoe business. I know Its helping me to focus intensely on these shoes .

Focus and discipline for me is key. I have no doubt. I can also see the result so clear. You know how they say:

‘You have to BELIEVE IT before you can see it?’

I think its true. I believe it from my ‘sole’ that I am creating a new successful Art Shoe business from home.

It is fun creative and diverse and I can use almost all of my artistic talents together now.

  • drawing
  • painting
  • collage and mixed media
  • design
  • humor
  • combining elements
  • out of the box thinking

So channeling my INTENSITY is just what I am doing now. I am accepting one of my personality traits is intensity but it is not a a flaw but a strength and I am using it to my advantage!