Post 3: How Do You Determine The Credibility?

On the daily, people find great information on the Internet but are they all credible? After doing a lot of research on why there should be gender neutral restrooms, one website really stood out to me, The Guardian. The Guardian seems like a reliable website that contains many author’s work who are very passionate about their topics. I have noticed many of my instructors referring to this website throughout the many years. Noticing how passionate the authors are, this adds a part of credibility to this website. A professor from University of Utah, Terry Kogan has written an article called “How Did Bathrooms Get To Be Separated By Gender In The First Place?” in June 2016 and within this article, he shares many ideas of his that allows the audience to understand more about gender unity and equality. For example, he mentions, “In fact, the only solid evidence of any such attacks in public restrooms are those directed at trans individuals, a significant percentage of whom report verbal and physical assault in such spaces” (Kogan). In the quote above, that is one of the many examples on how Kogan expresses his ideas with also including hyperlinks of evidence to support his claim. He continues on with speaking about the victims of the attacks in gender separated restrooms. Not only does he share the painful experiences of the victims getting attacked, he also brings up the history on how bathrooms were first separated by gender. Kogan says, “In fact, laws in the US did not even address the issue of separating public restrooms by sex until the end of the 19th century, when Massachusetts became the first state to enact such a statute. By 1920, more than 40 states had adopted similar legislation requiring that public restrooms be separated by sex” (Kogan). The author’s subpoints support his main point very well due to all the evidence he provides to back up his claim.

After carefully reading through Kogan’s article and this website, all of his hyperlinks were accurate and realistic, he made sure to support his claims with backup data and he also made sure the audience felt engaged to his writing so I therefore conclude this is a credible website. Before I concluded this, I tried to search up more information on the background of who the author really is and I found many blogs and informational sites about the famous author. Based from the University of Utah’s school website, Kogan has published over 10 articles in his lifetime and they have all been one of the most popular articles. From the list of all his publications, Kogan seems to be interested in very similar topics like, transexuals, gender neutral restrooms and violence against the LGBTQ family. This allows the audience and I to understand that he really is passionate about this topic. Another reason as to why I believe his article is credible is because all of his hyperlinks. For example, in one of his claims, “In March, North Carolina enacted a law requiring that people be allowed to use only the public restroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificates” (Kogan), he provided a hyperlink of the actual law. The ones that he provided were all great informational sites that backed up his claims very well. All the hyperlinks were very accurate and they also helped me understand his point much clearer. Unlike some articles, everything in this article is also very straightforward and easy to understand and nothing is there to confuse the audience. With it being very straightforward, I decided to do research on all the information he stated in his article. All of his points seemed to be very accurate after my research session.

Therefore, this article is very credible and I approve for others to believe in it. It is filled with great facts and opinions from the author that allows you to understand more about gender neutral restrooms.

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