I Hate White People #ihwp
Kate Jones

I didnt bother looking at the date for this page of words. i wont call it a rant i will call it a confession of your lack of pride in self. you are human. you can be an “ally” you can be whatever you want but to say youve no pride in heritage. i will assume you learned all this crap in school. let me enlighten while asking what your heritage is? we are not “white” I am not a crayon color. The use of that word is not found in the Americas or anywhere in the world in the 1600’s it is a word made up alongside the word “racist” i will not supply links, you so smart find the truth. Your gullible. Irish, and Scottish as well as the poor from Brittain are the first slaves brought to America. you will offend the memory by saying they were endentured but the truth is Forced endentured or kidnapped, tricked, physically forced and prisoners of war. which of those choices were voluntary? these people were thought to be worthless, used until the couldnt take another step then murdered because of it. a one use razor if you will. these people are who built America, they cleard the land of forest, swamps, they made the roads. blacks(the other offensive crayon word)Africans were used for agriculture, were thought to be worth more because these people were actually paid for were treated better. but your ashamed of us. your heritage if you and parents grand parents etc.. were born here are most likely part of these beasts of burden that you think should own up to the priviledge you claim to be real tell me what stores offer the elusive discounts, what restraunts and hotels offer ther unequaled service you claim is real. i am not a shiny bright pink “white” im a half bread but raised “white” i dont respond well to my other half and im ok with that. im not rich, im not middle class im poor. ive never been cut a break for the color of my skin and what your perpetrating is violence against the non priviledged children of poor “whites all over America and i will not apologize for saying this I Fucking Hate You for being so selfish to blame a people you apparently no nothing about. your a fucking stooge. you may consider your life blessed to never cross paths with me because i would love to rain down the hell the same hell the children are enduring from the out of control blacks communities. you fucking self hating snatch. this is no rant. this is heartfelt disgust og people like you. youve no clue that your being played. and your creating a grave error by spreading this idea tat “whites” should check theirselves. come to any poor community whith black and white crayons and watch the little white girls beat, raped bullied shamed ignored. and realize it has always been this way. but now it is intensified. with no fear of consequence, thats your fault. tell these little boys and girls haw thay should just “take it” i would like for you to just “take it”. sincerely. compared to you I am Superior in a way that you will never understand. I am not afraid to be Proud to be White. I can be nothing else. I wil not be shamed by you tards. and if you call me a racist, ill know you havent done the research. so fuck off your stupidity and retract/revise this shit. if you do the work your whole statement would be completely different.