Waiting for Permission…No More
Judith Weiniger

Judy, I always love tuning into your thoughts and tumbling them around for a bit. 
After reading this yesterday and after my meditation this morning…my thoughts have turned to this…

Maybe this was meant to be. To learn something. What is the difference between what we really do and what we are labeled? Why is recognition from others so important, if we know in our hearts that we are doing what we are suppose to be doing, and giving it our best? Why isn’t what we know about ourselves enough? Why do we need to hear it from others?

I think not achieving (yet) the title you desired opened your mind up to ALL the endless possibilities. Perhaps you are meant to shine your unique self via another avenue.

#CoachJudy…kind of has a two fold meaning. Either you are in the position of coaching someone…or perhaps seeking coaching yourself.

You write so well, you might have a book in you! XO!

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