I’m a Writer, but I Feel Like Such A Fake
Bryan Hutchinson

I am late to this party..but I really wanted to tell you how much this means to me. I am far from perfect, and I don’t worry as much as I should about grammar and punctuation and I curse like a motherfucker on my blog. I say what I want and it feels good to me.

However, I still feel like a fraud. I feel like I should be humiliated by every word because who the fuck am I to have an opinion? Who cares what I think? Would would I be so presumptuous to think anyone would care? That won’t stop me because not writing sucks more than writing.

Also, the surgery thing? I am assuming you pulled through. Congrats!

The fear thing? I am afraid ALL THE TIME. It is exhausting. I am constantly afraid that I’ll lose my job (I make very little money writing, so I have a day job) Or that I have ovarian cancer and just haven’t been diagnosed yet. Or worse, one of my children (who are all adults now…you never stop being afraid) have cancer and haven’t been diagnosed yet. Or that my husband just dropped dead of a heart attack THIS VERY MINUTE and I just haven’t gotten the call yet.

I just wanted to tell you that reading someone else admitting to this same type of fear is comforting. It doesn’t take the fear away, but it helps with the loneliness. So, thank you.

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