7 Things You’re Doing Wrong as an Aspiring Writer

1. Stop Wanting to be a Writer

Okay, we have to start with this one because it might be the most important. One of the biggest issues we have as aspiring writer’s is that we aspire. Stop that. Just write.

2. Stop Thinking About Other People

This will set you free.

3. Stop Trying to Force a Voice

Being authentic in your writing is extremely important. When you force yourself to write a certain way or about certain topics, chances are you’re not in love with what you’re writing. Trying to emulate your favorite blogger or influencer only makes you a clone. People want originals, and someone is already doing what you’re doing, but better and more authentically.

4. Stop Writing to Gain Fame

There is nothing wrong with having hopes of becoming a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, or writing the next YA series everyone is obsessed with across the country. Believe me, I also want those things. But if that is your only motivation to write, you may want to rethink why you’re here. Do you write to fulfill a creative need? Do you write to help others or make new connections? Are you trying to make a difference somewhere? Maybe you just want to share your journey with the world. All of that is great. But if you’re only in it for the followers and the money, people are going to know and see through it.

5. Stop Using Time as an Excuse

Time is a gift from the universe. It’s also fake. But it’s a gift.

6. Stop Overreaching on Your Goals

Having obtainable goals in so, so important. Nothing is more discouraging than not achieving a goal or a deadline, and that can really set you back in your motivation. Leave writing 5,000+ words a day to the big dogs. For now, start at something like 1,000 or fewer. For me, it’s 750 words a day. I see that number and think, “I can reach that goal today.” And because my goal is so obtainable, I usually surpass it and write around 2,000 words a day. Don’t sit down and think you’re going to write 10 blog posts or articles or chapters. Start with 1 or 2, and once you’ve finished those, move on to another if you feel good about that.

7. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I’d like to end on this note here because I think it’s a good rule of thumb for all areas of our lives. If you’re scrolling through social media, or Medium, or other blogs and thinking “Man, I wish I was doing what this person is doing,” I want you to stop and ask yourself a couple questions.

What do you think?

So I gave you a few tips here, but what else can you do to better your writing? Have you tried any of the above tips — what did or didn’t work for you? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it.

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