You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Eh.. this article was pretty off! Most of those people listed to “thank” are well known to have harbored intensely racist views and opinions that shaped this country into the racist mess that it is today. Also birth control is still made by white men with sedative effects because women have still not put herbology on their priority list. Women are looking for their health care to be handed to them on a silver platter (or in a little pill) and it is white supremacy that took women away from the land, africans and indigenous away from the land, and replaced this knowledge with garbage and dogma and fear. Most of the women at that march (street party) were wearing clothes made by child slaves, talking on phones made of materials mined by child slaves, and about 70% of them don’t know how to cook. Do you know very many women under 35? I’m unimpressed by the faux feminist delusions. Women should be protesting the forced poisoning of the water supply, education being #26 in the world, and 3 million people in prison making all of our products “Made in America”… These issues were not addressed and instead womanhood was made a mockery of with snarky signs and celebrities getting applauds for f-bombs. Sensationalizing struggle is not okay America. Slavery isn’t over, it won’t be until we switch from a market based capitalist white supremacist global slavery system into a resource based economy. Until then, these women are all still fluoridated wearing heels and makeup made out of toxins mined by children… I don’t stand in solidarity with any group singling women out, as if men aren’t affected by these events. There have always been women who won’t take shit from no man or woman, those women are always ostracized by the general population of sheepish and generally racist conforming women of the general population.

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