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Of course. The Four Stereotypes: Hooker, Psycho, Clown, Victim. They can’t see us any other way, partly from conditioning, party because testosterone results in a dominant mindset that rejects all but two possible identities — I suspect that it’s a result of mating patterns, perhaps even pheromones — and partly because it’s so lucrative to portray us in one or more combinations of those four stereotypes. Males expect one of those four categories from portrayals of trans women. They require it because they always see us as males who give up our power and prestige to be something less, something outcast. The audience is expected to feel pity, perhaps sympathy, but never empathy. The underlying assumption here is mental instability, madness which somehow grips a “man” and “forces” him to become female. The Bipolarity asserts control and trans women are portrayed as something bent, damaged, worthy only of repair or rejection — if we are beyond hope. I’m quite disappointed in Mr. Ruffalo. He should have known better, should have done the research he was capable of, should have reconsidered the script. But he had a “hot property” and was apparently loathe to alter its premise. Reality Bites, Mark: you didn’t do your damn homework and now you have a piece of crap you must market. I’m not spending a dime on it.

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