Wanna Hear Something Completely Sick?
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Yup, I knew that. One reason I don’t watch “Orange is the New Black.” Tragedy porn. Violence porn. “If it bleeds, it leads.” Sick fucks who take pictures of dead people and then sell them. (That includes news crews and independent camera crews who listen to the police bands and rush to the scene of the latest shooting) “The more you know,” the more you realize that nothing jacks up the ratings and the ad revenue like blood in the streets. There’s money to be made and the ones making it are white guys in $1000 suits, sitting in air-conditioned offices, deciding who lives, who dies, and who gets a piece of that very lucrative pie. (They do, all of it.) Click on that YouTube video — even if you don’t click “like” — and a white guy and his business partners make money. Don’t watch. Watch kittens instead. Watch music videos. Watch bad SF films if you must (but don’t expect me to approve), but DON’T watch the videos, on the Net or on TV, of people of color getting shot or beaten to a pulp by steroid-crazed police. Take a stand and get a goddamned grip on your urge to watch people suffer. It’s fuckin’ sick.

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