I’m delighted to introduce Amanda Hamilton as the next feature in the #MyEastLothian series. Alongside her career as a nutritionist, she is a successful journalist and broadcaster, has presented over 10 major TV series’ on health and has written four best-selling books.

Tell us a bit about about yourself and what you do.

I’ve been a nutritionist for more than 15 years, I write books and work in radio and TV. I’ve created and run health retreats since my late twenties, most recently setting up signature spa programmes in leading hotels. I’m a mother of 2, with a ubiquitous East Lothian labrador, Annie, who features on my Instagram.

What drew you to open your business in East Lothian? What do you love about it?

I had great memories of visiting East Lothian from childhood school trips. So I came back for a day on the beach with my, then, baby daughter and the rest is history! I am sure it is the same story for many people who now live here — and the quality of life for outdoorsy families like ours is outstanding.

I travel to London, the Middle East and Spain with my clinic and my retreat programmes — it made sense to bring them closer to home. So many people are interested in food and wellbeing here and the East Lothian foodie buzz is amazing!

I’ve just finishing training in Pilates which I am adding to my retreats and may start some local classes too.

Where are your favourite foodie spots in East Lothian?

Tyninghame Smithy for naughty but nice gingerbread; Cake Cafe for generous bowls of lentil soup; and Herringbone for great dinners with friends.

What else do you like to do in East Lothian?

Beach walks first thing in the morning and at sunset. Gullane bootcamp on a Saturday morning for a friendly workout. VIPR classes are great too — Colin who runs them gives some classes on my retreats.

I do love a mooch around North Berwick High Street too — favourites are Paul’s Yard for foodie treats and charity shops for a bargain. I have a one-in, one-out policy for clothes and toys — I’m a big believer in buying second-hand for kids.

Photo: Lothian VIPR Bootcamp
What’s your secret to success? Do you have a mantra that helps you get up in the morning?

Follow your instincts and give yourself time to make decisions and to be creative — I try to give myself at least an hour each workday (ideally in the morning) that’s unstructured time. It has helped me hugely in work and life.

I don’t need a mantra to get me up in the morning. The cat, dog and two kids are good enough at that! Besides, coffee is as good a reason as any!

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