Ham Radio has an on-boarding problem
Tim Boucher

Tim, It was interesting how I found your post. I searched google for “Amateur Radio exam difficulty”. I’ve been “teetering” on the fence for many years with getting my license, and as I spent many many hours studying some of the prep books, using the Industry Canada question generator, I wondered the same as you. I do think the process is somewhat required to prove that those who want it, are willing to work and earn it by studying whatever knowledge they need to pass. If it was too easy, would the “hobby” get flooded with people who aren’t serious about it, and end up causing issues? I am not sure. For me, I have an electrical (career)/electronic (some career but mostly hobby) background, (but it was many years ago). I can only imagine how hard the exam would be for younger people, or those who have no knowledge of basic electricity, electronics or radio receiver/transmitters. Yet, it appears teenagers (both boys and girls) appear to have good success in getting their amateur radio licenses, which surprises me. For them, it would have to be primarily memorization.. the different components that make up different radios… it definitely can’t be easy for them. Thank Gawd they got rid of the morse code requirement for the license! If I decide to take the plunge, the only acceptable result in the end for me is > 80% because I want the basic with honours. I just need some motivation, that would most likely come from hanging around with other amateur radio enthusiasts. Anyways, I could relate to the words in your post and had to reply :)

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