A Battle Cry

I swallowed the poison disguised within the apple.

Great big gulps of hurt

I descended into the depths of anger and despair.

It blinded me.

I became the fly trapped in a web, woven with deceit and malice. Spun intricately for maximum impact.

Whilst she continued to live a life without conscience or regard; I suffered. Wound tightly in the barbed net - I suffered

The things they had predicted with evil hope, would go wrong, did not. Instead there had come light, peace and joy. I had basked in the sun, opened my heart and love and laughter flowed.

This incensed her so much, she changed tack and launched her veiled attack. Spreading false rumours, sewing seeds of discord and discontent, encouraging snide sentiments, revelling in mean gossip and manufacturing drama.

Knowing, yet not caring, that this would harm and hurt others close to her and not only me.

I did not see it through my rose coloured glasses.

I tripped on the trap she had set for me.

I fell head first into the quick sand. I writhed in the quagmire and lost my way.

This time I nearly did not….

Get up.


pulled me

up and out








You are not alone

Get up - get up

This time….

My eyes are open wide

I have embraced the anger

I am resolved.

I am woke.

I am ready.

I dance on the balls of my feet. I see her true colours. I will not be felled. I will not be disarmed by the charm that masks evil. I will not be fooled by false kindness.

‘I see you. The real you. The one you hide. I know what you are capable of.’

Ever wary of the viper’s smile.

I am on the right path. I have done everything in my power to help, to ease life, to give others what they need. I am sure of this.

With all of my being , I am sure.

Her behaviour says much about her insecurities. I will not be dragged into her bitter mix of swirling malcontent. I will not stoop to that level.

I will speak up and out. I will not let it lie.

I know who I am.

I will be true to myself. I will hold the shield of my principles and my worth, up high.

I will not bow down under the weight of her wickedness. Her opinions are her opinions — I am under no obligation to heed them. They do not have power over me.

I will protect.

I will fight.

I will endure.

I will overcome.

I will live my life









These are my arrows…

This is my battle cry…

Take heed….

For I am the line in the sand.