A day called Happiness

I awoke with the official title clanging in my head- ‘Mother of the Bride’.

In the stillness, I stood, hugging my tea, looking out of the window, in a moment of heart tug, before the rush.

In truth, the scenery that greeted my eyes and my heart, should have been enough for me to know that this was going to be a day.

Glorious mountains looked down on me as I gazed up at them. Every one of them was dusted and covered in white icing sugar.

No, I thought, that’s not quite right, brain…..

What can I say. If you have only seen snow twice in your life, your mind has a curious way of explaining what your eyes cannot believe.

Beautiful beyond belief…

And that is how the day called Happiness began….

I tiptoed in and woke my daughter, The Bride, as I had done for most of her life. We whispered and giggled and hugged and cried, until a shriek set off the frenzy to come.

“SNOW!” came the shouts, as they shattered the moment “Snow on your wedding day!”

African snowflakes, fragile and rare

Like moments and memories

Beyond compare

Glances and chances to say what we felt. Hearts made of candy; hearts filled with love. Shivering and shaking from more than the cold..

African snowflakes, fragile and rare.

Like moments and memories

Beyond compare.

In the lull and quiet before the ceremony began, I felt the heart tug as I realised, just how lonely it was, to be Mother Of the Bride in that moment.

Then, as my son slipped into his place after delivering the precious cargo and put his arm around me, we looked back…

Framed by the sun’s rays kissing the snow-capped mountains; there stood father and daughter arm in arm. Dad grinning through his tears, daughter laughing in tearful delight. Both etched forever, in perfection, in my mind, through the blur of my love and tears.

Beautiful beyond belief…

African Snowflakes, fragile and rare

Like moments and memories

Beyond Compare

Words trembling with depth of intent. Laughter and merriment and jokes tinged with the past. Young faces, old souls linked by bonds greater than genes. Heart bound, heaven sent, blessings too many to count.

As I stood on the sidelines to catch my breath. I looked at the sea of happy faces and saw my little girl. My heart tugged with loss. Until I was enfolded in a hug.

Look after her” I implored.

With everything I have, Mom” he declared.

MOM — I had another son. Gained not lost…

African snowflakes, fragile and rare

Like memories and moments

Beyond compare

Later as Bride and Groom said their farewells,I once again, looked out of the window. This time my husband, beside me. “Well, old girl,” he laughingly teased, as he held my hand “Looks like it’s just you and me now..”

Lump in my throat and tug of the heart — all I could do was hold on to his hand and nod.

Then the moon’s glow caught the white capped peaks and shone a spotlight on our daughter, for just a moment, as she paused, looked back towards us and smiled her message of love.

Beautiful beyond belief…

And that is how the day called Happiness said Goodnight.

African snowflakes, fragile and rare

Like moments and memories

Beyond compare..

For our darling girl…. Dad and I, so often look back, when we’re awfully low and think on how you looked on that special night, and on every single, precious day you’ve been a part of our lives.

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