A Perfectly Peaceful Mistake

There I was, involved in my own mind, my own hurry, my own problems.

Damn, effffffin car had run low on petrol just when time was short. Places to be, people to see.

Grumble, mumble.

I pulled into the petrol station and wound down the window, whilst my brain was going through the schedule and tick tocking the minutes being wasted.

So when the petrol attendant put out his hand for the car keys to open the petrol tank; I unthinkingly reached out my own hand and shook his hand instead of giving him the keys…

The look on his face was one of surprise and delight and was accompanied by a stream of laughter and happy Zulu greeting.

His smile was so cheerful, it shocked me out of my self-absorbed reverie. I smiled and returned the greeting and laughingly and somewhat sheepishly handed over my keys.

The happy banter continued between us until I drove away.

We had made each other’s day.

We thanked each other for it.

It had taken less than five minutes.

I was far too embarrassed to admit it was a lapse in my thinking rather than planned politeness that had led me to a particularly bright spot in my day.

One that makes me smile as I think on it.

I am happy to say that this is one mistake, I am glad I made.

On this International Day Of Peace; I am happy to say, it’s an error I have learned from.

It takes less than a minute, to extend a hand of greeting, peace and goodwill.

It is but a small thing that can lead to greater things….


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