Bare in the Cold: Alaska Winter Wardrobe Conversations with a Teenager

Aaaah the joys of motherhood! This made me laugh so much Alexainie! A while back we were in London — it was freezing — there I was — three layers plus a scarf, thick socks, boots, and a jacket and I was still cold. We stood next to some teenage girls whilst waiting for the train. Mini skirts and high heels! They were all shivering, not to mention almost blue with cold, but I am sure not one of them would have admitted it! Aaah —I remember sacrificing comfort for appearance days…. those damn six inch platform shoes!

My daughter graduated cum laude and received the dean’s merit award — guess what she wore to receive her award —while all the others had evening dresses and high heels? Her own design- denim skirt and top and old scruffy high top sneakers and weird coloured socks — the applause was deafening!

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