Time’s Orphans Have Names

Aah Ben — I sense a kindred spirit! Travel, Africa and History! What a great article- I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and discovering the very real people behind the history. Loved the jokes! No matter how evolved, we think we are — some things, it seems, like our need for humour, are still the same.

I appreciate the time, effort and research that went into this — thank you — it was worth it.

I’m busy writing about how travel connects us to those that have come before. It’s called —” Echoes and Whispers”

My fascination with this, started when as a child growing up in Zimbabwe, we used to run and play, in amongst, the ancient stone walls of the magnificent Zimbabwe Ruins. Imagine going on a walk ,through the imposing stone walls and passages, with your friends at night, and the full moon casting shadows. I felt as though I had hurtled back into the past; I wondered about other children doing the same as me in an age long past. My imagination ran riot!

There is nothing more hauntingly beautiful or fascinating than a mysterious, long-gone civilization.