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Bwa ha ha ha! I nearly choked on my tea reading this! Aaaah Jules, even in our darkest moments we can still laugh and that is why I love you Mary Poppins.

My husband is a damn wizard when it comes to chess and in fact any strategic game — in 38 years, I have yet to beat him at draughts(checkers) Monopoly or Risk. As for computer games — let’s not go there. My motion sickness kicks in when playing most of those games and I get disorientated, so he annihilates my avatar in a matter of minutes.

There is only one game I can beat him at. It consists of placing coloured blocks in sets, which earns you points and clears the way to the next level. The reason I win? My husband is colour-blind! He has difficulty distinguishing between the red/orange/green/purple blocks. I am not above telling him the wrong colour when he asks for confirmation if a block is actually a certain colour! Hah! All’s fair in love and war!

My husband has tried to explain the art of photography — lenses, timing, filters, shutter speeds, ISO settings — I don’t have the patience or the inclination. (I now know what to do to to alleviate my boredom! Thanks Jules!)

We have come to a happy compromise. He takes the arty, stunning photos which I have to remind me everyday, of the beautiful people I know; the beautiful places we have been; and the beyond precious life time we have shared.

I have the point and shoot camera, on which I take the happy, snappy shots of goofy moments and happy smiles and people I love. My favourite one is the one I have taken of my husband, camera in hand, focused on taking a photo of me in front of the Eiffel Tower. It is the expression on his face that gets me every time I look at that photo. I have managed somehow with my hopeless camera skills to capture the essence of his love for me. (Of course, he loves telling me it’s not me he’s looking at, it’s the Eiffel Tower!) Hmmmm…merde!

Anyway, we have totally digressed from your original writing but you know (you do don’t you?) what I wanted you to know — how I think, feel and care for you and for what’s going on in your life.