Coming Home

One of the best things about travelling is coming home. The greatest souvenir I can bring back, is to fall back in love with the place I live.

Looking anew at familiar sights, through eyes that have been washed with curiosity and discovery.

Tasting childhood, comfort food with a palate that has been piqued with the exotic and unknown.

Re-connecting with taken-for-granted friends, with a heart that has been awakened, by the need to feel cherished in a crowd of strangers.

Revelling in the comfort of my slippers, my bed, my pillow, my chair, with tired, abused parts of my body whose screams of enough, have been ignored.

Slipping back into a life that has roots, depth, and love with a soul that has been soothed by the magnificence of the world; comes the peace of knowing, I am home.

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