Left: this is what a handful of COURAGE looks like.

Courage. Sacrifice. Honesty. Love. Vulnerability. Strength. Spirit.


I salute YOU. For the depth of courage and sacrifice, I know, it took for you to write this and press publish.

I see YOU. Your words have led me to the truth and vulnerability of your soul laid bare.

I hear YOU. On my rooftop whooo whooing in empathy, friendship and love.

I feel YOU. Your strength and spirit reaches and connects with me over countless miles.

I thank YOU.

For dancing in the rain with me, for surviving your aquaplane too, for being braver than I could ever be; for shining a spotlight on darkness; for setting aside all the bullshit, grabbing me by the hand and heart and saying I choose you as a friend on this medium journey of words and life and love and laughter and hurt and tears and healing.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love you MTPP

P.S. I am totally hopeless at Chess. I love the game, teach it to children (God help them!) but am useless at strategising and setting up moves to be one step ahead of an opponent. I am but a pawn — a courageous, foolish, underdog!

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