I bless the rains down in Africa

Something wonderful happened this last week…

It rained.

Beautiful, giant raindrops fell from the sky

Making steam rise from the hot tar roads

The birds sang

The dust settled

The farmers danced;

Some frolicked in their underwear in sheer delight

The elephants for once did not seek shelter

Their trunks chasing quenching drops

It’s been so hot and dry and scorched

The land cracked and brown and parched

Drought- it’s as harsh as its pronunciation

So when the rain came

It brought with it joy.

Children stomped in puddles.

Umbrellas were left unopened, arms instead lifted up in celebration

We basked in the pleasure, of falling asleep, to the sound of the rain

It’s been so long, I’d forgotten how soothing a lullaby it can be

Social media and the weather report echoed the same

We pressed pause; we all forgot

To gossip and complain and rant and rave

We forgot about black and white; and differences; and anger

Road rage; traffic; Zuma; the cricket score; the tax on wine

Like petulant children, who had been scolded and embraced by Mother Earth

We put aside our incessant squabbling

For one moment in time —

We were all just planet dwellers

United in our gratitude

For a simple raindrop or two.

How sad it is that humanity cannot always see the forest for the trees.