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Jules , aka mary poppins, I can’t see to type this right now cos of the tears, pouring from my heart and out of my eyes. My heart. Your beautiful words leapt straight into my heart.

If you could just see me right now, standing in a queue and everybody is staring ‘cos I’m laughing and crying (remember I told you about snot en trane?) Well snot and tears! All over… The lady in front of me has just stepped two enormous steps away from me! Bwa ha ha!

One day, one beautiful day. You will fly over on your mary poppins umbrella, to Africa and we will Rain dance the shit out of Toto together!

There is a song sung by a local songster of ours Johnny Clegg — one of my personal heroes. Have you heard of him?

“I’m searching for the spirit of the great heart, under African Skies…”

I always feel like I am trying to explain what that feels like. Today, your words embody exactly that for me.

You my friend are the spirit of the great heart. I already knew we were friends. Now I know we are kindred spirits.

Ngiyabonga (thank you) my friend. I do feel that I lost a friend, and yet I gained one. Isn’t life weird like that. A duo, I love that.

And you will forever be mary poppins to me.

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