photo credit — Ryan Macguire-

Just another day…

Happy Birthday!” I exclaim.

It’s just another day….” so many, reply

It’s never just another day

Because I am the child who pondered my existence

Because I still gaze at the Universe and wonder

Because I am grateful for having been born

Because I have felt my children’s heartbeat within my own

Because I watched them breathe their first

Because life can change in an instant

Because I have watched life ebb away

Because I have seen life snatched away in less time than it takes to blink

Because today would have been my brother’s birthday

Because next week is mine

Because we used to celebrate together in the middle

Because I wish we could still

Because life is miraculous and precious

Because life should never be taken for granted

Because life should be lived and celebrated from the day we are born

It’s never just another day

Today was the day that brought my brother into my life and that is something sure worth celebrating.

So darling brother-until we jam together once again on our middle birthday celebration one day….

Always in my heart and in every song

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