The Most Haunting Scene I Can Imagine

Just fascinating and absorbing-thanks Ben. Truly amazed by the ancient museum-going to read up more on that-so thank you.

We also thought our history in South Africa was pretty “young” too until they discovered the ‘cradle of mankind’ at the Sterkfontein caves. Now that is going back some! If you do visit SA …

I loved Turkey and Greece for that. Walk in the streets and next door to someone’s house is an archeological dig dating back thousands of years. We were lucky enough to visit the archeological underwater museum in Bodrum, Turkey. Just amazing esp the process of preservation.

Pompei, the Colosseum, Delphi , Mycenae to name a few — the world is a treasure box of time capsules. I wish I had been able to travel when I was younger like you! So much to see — so little time.