The inspiration and founder of The Grammar Games, the goofy but incredibly deep and talented Michelle Stone
An open letter to the open letters by self-help, life-hack and tech-bro haters
Lon Shapiro

Lon Shapiro the wisest thing I ever did as a noobie was to discover you and your words. You have inspired, encouraged and made me belly laugh like no other! I have learnt a lot from you.

As I’ve said to you before, I often feel like the amoeba of Medium with all the genius of talented writers here. All I’m hoping for is to absorb by osmosis!

Thank you for these lovely words. It’s uncanny, how this kindness came at a very much needed time in my life. Thank you Lon.

With all your wisdom, humour and talent; I sincerely hope you are also going to have a page or two in the Tao of Blogging?

Your number one stargazer (sorry but magnum pi was my all time favourite!)

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