Oh the places we’ve gone and the memories we’ve made, in the truck I did not want.
Gail Boenning

Loved this Gail Boenning !

Funny how we adapt.. for years I drove a bright red little car — nifty, zippy and oh so easy to squeeze into tight parking spaces. I loved my car -with it’s silly little parp, parp hooter! How I cried they day we sold him — it felt like losing a friend — people couldn’t understand how heartsore I was.

For the first few days I drove the lumbering SUV passed on by my husband- it felt as if I was driving a bus! I would roam the parking lots for a space with no cars near!

Now? I love the trusty, sturdy big old guy. With the changes in our circumstances, I have to travel a lot — I am so grateful to be in this big old bus and not the little tin can! Funny how life is!

I wish your son many happy journeys and safe miles in your treasured truck. I hope you adapt to and cherish the new one just as much.

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