Meeting Mother Teresa.

I met Mother Teresa once.

It was for less than a minute.

She came to our local church in South Africa.

I remember that she was small- really, really petite. Tiny, wrinkled and bent.

She looked tired. Like bone-weary tired. I almost felt, I should be apologising to her for making her listen to yet another lot of singing.

“Sorry Mother Teresa, I’m pretty sure you would rather have been drinking tea, putting your feet up, and having a well-deserved afternoon snooze, than listen to the likes of me and mine.”

I was taken aback by her fragility. How could this little, wrinkled lady have such a reputation; be so beloved by so many, be tough in the face of poverty and hardship; and have such an impact in the world?

There weren’t any words exchanged between us; just a nod of her head and a look…
It was in her eyes. There was her power…

Your eyes are the window to your soul. You know that saying?

As I looked into her eyes for that one moment, I could see her soul and it truly felt, as though she was looking straight into mine.

There was kindness, humility, gentleness, strength, a bit of a twinkle and peace.

Overwhelming peace

The wordless connection brought tears to my eyes and a profound sense of calm.

I wonder what she saw in my soul. She didn’t say. I will never know. All I know is she smiled at me, like a private joke, kind of smile.

It was over in a blink, someone else took my place.

Later that evening, my husband remarked “You seem different somehow?”

“ I just feel at peace, you know, like it’s all going to be ok” was my hippie-like, reply.

Meeting Mother Teresa?

It was, sort of how, I had imagined it would feel like, back in the day, to meet Jesus.

“Do little things with great love” Mother Teresa

Words to live by.