Why I love the blank page
Jonas Ellison

Opening myself up to the blank page of possibility and giving my soul, the space, to soar!

Aaah Jonas, it’s like you read my mind today!

You see, I recently read an article by a very successful writer, outlining how he plans his writing weeks in advance. He already knows when he sits down, what he is going to write and how each paragraph should look etc.

This is not fiction work with characters and plots (that kind of planning, I get, is necessary.) It’s all about motivation and inspiration and life-lessons. It sounded quite a clinical process to me. It clearly works for him. He has a huge following.

What do I know — I’m a complete amateur at this! So I tried it — what came out was a lot of cliched rambling. Worse still, I felt disconnected from the words. I got up from the computer with a sense of frustration and irritation.

So, instead, I went for a walk with my grandchild, breathed in some fresh air and looked at the world through a one year old’s sense of wide-eyed wonder.

I came back to that blank page. The thoughts flowed via my soul and through my fingers, flying over that keyboard and onto the page. I looked up and realised that time had passed by without me noticing. I read through the words that now filled that blank page and I felt contented. I felt connected. I felt drained. Some of the sentences weirdly took me by surprise — did I write that? Where did that come from?

I realised that for me, this is how my creative process works. Sometimes I can take my guitar and play and it’s routine. Then suddenly — out comes a song, a lyric, a poem, an inspiration. I can walk past my mosaics for days and then one day, I am drawn to them; I sit and my hands connect to the tiles and I cannot be parted from them ‘til I’m finished creating.

I cannot force it; If I place restrictions and restraints on it — the joy dissipates. It only happens, when I open myself up to the blank page of possibility and allow my soul, the space, to soar.