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Singing in the rain…

Jules seriously, it IS raining right now!! Yahooooo! I bless the rains down in Africa and I bless you and your witchdoctor ukelele!

One of my favourite memories of rain?

At a REM concert, standing in the bucketing down rain. Everything is soaked; completely drenched. I have reached saturation point.

Michael Stipe, stops singing, REM stops playing.

He looks at us poor soaked creatures and thanks us profusely for staying with him despite the rain, in the rain.

He sits on the stage, and starts singing “I want to know… have you ever seen the rain, coming down ….”

South Africans do not need an excuse to sing in the rain.

So there we stood with Michael Stipe and REM, with nothing else but our voices blending together in the pure joy and spirit of music and the African rain…

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