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The Jigsaw Puzzles of our lives…

One of those really complex, challenging ones that seem impossible and I spend hours pouring over.

First, the sorting.

End pieces. Shades. Markings. The Obvious.

Build the frame, as a point of reference. A backbone.

Then the middle filling inwards, like a pie with crust.

Each piece fighting the fitting together. Not wanting to be solved or joined.

I walk away, have a cup of tea, come back, and suddenly see with a new perspective. The pieces seem to fall into place. It seems so natural and easy and I wonder why I didn’t see with the first look.

I leave the most difficult for last. The last frustrating corner. The one with a hundred different tones and shades of one colour. The one with a hundred pieces that look as if they belong so I am forced to try, only to find they don’t quite fit. Almost but not.

The last piece is placed with a ceremony fitting to its stature. It is the key to revealing the bigger picture.

The gloriously beautiful picture that took thousands of small pictures to blend and lock and fit and mesh together to make the whole.

To see the bigger picture, the whole, I must look from afar. I stand and gaze and sigh with the satisfaction of achievement.

It seems the bigger picture would not be possible without fitting together the intricate, complex, colourful and camouflaged fragments that make up the whole.

Ha! Indeed Jules ! Now I’ve gone on and on, just like talking about cheese scones…. So let me keep quiet and go back to fitting those pieces .

Ps — I’m loving the bigger picture from where I stand…

Love you my friend

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