I am glad to have the opportunity to soak in all of the good that I can while he still enjoys health and mobility.
Hey Michelle Stone!
Gail Boenning

This makes my heart happy. It’s not often that we get a second chance and time for all the things we want to say and know.

Thanks Gail Boenning for having me on speed dial — that’s a real heart warming thing to hear and do, and I feel truly grateful to have found you here in mediumland — I hear the odds are quite large.

My life, as you know from my stories, can be rather overwhelming at times and I find I reach capacity. I don’t know how people find the time to write and read and respond as much as they do. I am in awe.

Having said that, medium is a kind of meditation for me. Writing and reading and connecting here gives me a space to retreat to, to create, to regain perspective, to take a breath and recharge.

Stories like the one you have written here, soothe my soul. Thank you for writing it.

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