Sound the clarion!
Lon Shapiro

Thoughts from a dreamer…

A brief intermission is called, whilst Emperor E has a quick conflab with his trusted cohort Legionare Biz Stone.

As everyone goes off to their day-jobs; I sit in the gallery -devastated that my writing gladiators. Those whom, I have pinned my colours on, are gone. Not even a body to wail over. I use my green hearts to blow my nose.

Ben-Hur looks pretty lonely. He is looking at the sky whilst twirling his laurel wreath.

Henry Wismayer is trying not to stand on the acid droplet that is Morgan Rock Loehr

As I cast my eyes around the stadium, I see Kel Campbell walk through the arches. She is framed by rays of sunlight. She is lovingly polishing her shield which is shaped in a magnificent V.

She pauses to open a gate. Inside Heather Nann , Jennifer Smith and Mirah Curzer pace amongst the lionesses. They smile with a feline ferocity — “Lions? Meh….”

“Carpe diem Bitches” calls Kel. “FU; FU” they start chanting as they run out, into the arena.

“Holy algorhythms!” says the writer next to me. “This shit just got real.”

My heartbreak is healed- “Now the Grammar Games have truly begun…”

As he captures, a glance of the advancing fury, Jon Westenberg turns and quietly says “Ben, about that whole numbers game thing…”

Benjamin P. Hardy looks shaken “Et tu brutus”

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