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Verskoon my asseblief Kate. This is the first opportunity I’ve had Kate Stone Matheson to respond, although I must admit, characters and plots for Neefs en die rys have been running through my head!

At school, I would have to do book reviews for Afrikaans lessons. Having emigrated from another country, I was not that great at reading Afrikaans. One of the best shortcuts I was shown and am forever grateful for, was to find an Afrikaans book that had an English version. Read the English, write the book review in Afrikaans!

The translations of the titles, just like Neefs en die rys were always hilariously weird. I see you speak Danish too- say whaat? (this book could be truly international!) Are you some kind of James Bond 007 spy extraordinaire? I’m more like Inspector Jaques Clouseau..

Joking aside, cuz, the fact that you took the time to respond to this, when there are troublesome things going on in your life, means a great deal to me.

I send thoughts and love and strength and light.

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