This story parodies the parodies and tries to turn the argument into the theater of the absurd, which is what all of this really is, considering the real problems going on in the world.
Hi Greg, thanks for responding on behalf of Medium.
Lon Shapiro

Well said Lon.

In the country I live in, humour, a sense of the ridiculous, and an ability to laugh at ourselves is considered vital.

Surely no-one (especially not with the caliber of writers on Medium) would take any of this too seriously or linger too long?

Jon Westenberg has been writing for a long time. I thought this last letter of his was courageous and heartfelt.

I personally, have enough respect for him, and the other writers I mentioned, to think that they would be able to appreciate that this whole writing challenge was simply a light-humoured and very tongue in cheek, parody of the situation. And probably chuckle a bit even? Jon was ,after all, given the same status and respect as his detractors in the story.

I have to say that I thought this WAS in fact about genres and writing. I thought it was a good, light hearted way of building a sense of community whilst having a laugh.

I apologise,on my part, if my humour has caused offence — as I always say to the parents of the three and four year olds in my class — a sense of humour, is possibly the most important attribute any human needs, to survive in this world.

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