But if you are truly trying to educate the ignorant, statements like that do more to alienate them.
I read as much as I could of the original conflict (I’m not privy to one side….we
Randomly Me

When I counsel parents and their children; the language and terminology they use is very important.

Approach in an embracing way.

In other words, engage in a way that does not immediately put the other party on the back foot, or feel attacked or threatened. It’s simply counter-productive.

What happens when people use slogans and start conversations in a way that make people feel defensive, is that people focus on the side issues and not on the main problem.

They become reactive and instead of having the kind of dialogue that fosters common purpose and solutions; results in anger and further miscommunication.

At least that’s my understanding of what you wrote here Randomly Me?

In other words, Statements and slogans and accusations that cause people to react instead of engage are counter-productive.

We should be focusing on creating meaningful connections that foster common purpose, common ground and working toward real solutions.

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