BJJ: Becoming Jiu Jitsu

Let me be crystal clear. This isn’t a article about how martial arts has saved my life. It’s not about how I’m crushing life. It’s about becoming, it’s about surrender. I’m a white belt, so like every other white belt, the chances of my survival to blue belt are low. I’m 6 months in and this is my evolution.

Behold my timeline via class picture :

  1. I look like someone stole something from me, but actually it’s more like my brain is overloaded. You repeat 2–3 moves per beginner class, and then some light sparring. It is a lot more fun that my face is saying (sure it is).

Note the little girls , happy and loving class. Their adult example was still carrying some ego. Shoulders are down, no expression. I never know what to do with my hands.

2. Powerpuff girls called, thumbs up on the double buns hair-do.

Hand placement is improving. This is probably my fourth week and I was still super shy. Also that gi was way too small. Newbie problems!

3. Learning the I am learning to take my best roll partner’s back, I mostly just sat there, because I am still overthinking everything. Also captured are my attempts at forward rolls.

This sport is not about showing anyone up, it’s about consistency. It’s also about having a good short term memory. I’ve now realized I need to take notes after class because 99% of the time I forget the name of the position we learned so that I can look at it again on the interwebs.

4. Smiles

A new blue gi! I am getting more comfortable with rolling and figuring things out. I’d love to say that Brazilian jiu jitsu is easy, but it isn’t and that’s totally okay. The people at Son of Siam are wonderfully patient and kind.

A sense of calm overcomes me when enter the gym. The people here are humble and ready to learn. That is what draws me back every time. No one is worrying about how they are going to kick some ass. They want to improve their skill set. For that is what keeps me engaged in all things, the chance to learn, grow, and become a deeper version of myself.

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