Someone Is Listening..

Photo Credit: Art of the Brick

As I was sitting with my good friend, we’ll call her Bluebird, we discussed this weird phenomena of talking (not typing) about something and then suddenly having it come up in Pinterest feeds and Facebook feeds simultaneously.

This led me to pay attention to the latest senate vote, the one after the one allowing hunters to murder animals while they sleep, but I’ll tip toe past that atrocity.

What is H.J.RES.86?

I’m not a political poster but the topic makes me ponder about the various experiments with using Facebook and “talking” about something only to have it glide through your feed. It’s disturbing and already a norm. If that doesn’t make you squeamy, take a listen to this beautiful song. It bears significance to this topic.

If you actually listened to the lyrics and didn’t assign some angelic meaning, you’ll be haunted by it’s accurate portrayal of online life.

Then take a stroll to this discussion about how the writer first created this song.

Access to private matters on the internet has probably equally helped and harmed, but who draws that line? How clueless are we all really about how much we are monitored? When did this start? Was it 9/11? (conspiracy theorists say yes) Why doesn’t that bother anyone? Should it bother us?

I guess when you are sitting in the seat of assuming that you are “not affected” you’ll have your answer.

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