The Time I Met My Missing Piece

Me and my best friend who loves to make faces.

This is about friends that aren’t really friends, they are your born again soulmates. People who you could strangle, hug, and laugh hysterically with in a matter of minutes. You find each other over and over throughout lifetimes. In different roles each time.

When you find them you shout, “You! Where the hell have you been my whole miserable life!? We have so much to catch up on. But first …let’s eat some food.”

Do you notice when you meet someone that you’ve met before, your first instinct is to create some kind of memory involving food, laughter, and over indulgence?

The first time I met this beautifully pictured creature, we went to the pool with our children. We instantly talked about things neither of us admitted to anyone else. This took minutes. It was that fast. We knew this meeting was important.

We have a weird energy. It is a mix of powerful feminine healer and masculine warrior. We have an inside joke with anyone that has hung out with us socially, prepare to be initiated, you will meet a side of yourself you have never seen.

In the 3 years we’ve known each other we have both risen and fallen. We have fought and survived many growth pains. We continue to fight for each other, to keep each other close. It’s not always easy, but that’s what sisters/brothers do for each other.

It’s a running joke that we embody the Lt. Dan and Forrest Gump friendship. I made a vow not to let her slip into the bowels of hell over the stupidity of the human race, our trigger word is ice cream.

I have met a few people that I know I have growth lessons with in this lifetime. As they say, you just know. The signal is the first meeting, if time stops and the world disappears, this person has a message for you. An opportunity to learn something about yourself. They are time in a bottle. Keep these treasures close to you.

Happy Birthday Aimee.

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