No Bullying on My Watch

Ah, Voldemort isn’t in office yet, and things are already so visible, so obvious, so in your face! This morning, I was taking the subway to work. I sat next to a couple of boys. One was trying to reach for his backpack, the other kicking it away.

I was annoyed. Don’t they know how to behave?

Wait. Why is that boy kicking that backpack away? That’s not right.

I was bullied. I don’t know that this particular thing happened to me, but so many other forms of bullying. Laughing at my hair. Laughing at my ashy skin. Laughing at my clothes. Whispering and pointing at me while going to classes. Calling me ugly in French AND English, merci beaucoup!

Many of you know these behaviors. Some of you were targeted. Some of you were in the crowd stricken with silence. Some of you pointed and laughed. Some of you instigated these incidents.

In Voldemort’s America, I will neither laugh, stay silent, nor instigate. No one stood up for me, not child OR ADULT! Unlike the people I went to school with, I will not be quiet and mind my own business. There’s a bully about to take office. I won’t stand for that in MY communities. Even in seemingly small incidents like when a boy kicks away another boy’s backpack on the subway.

I asked him why are you doing that. He stopped.

I was scared. And I will do this again.