April 24, 2016 thought.

How do we comprehend joy? To most it is a state of utter fulfillment of a good deed done. To others it is the transcendence of happiness. But what truly is joy? Is it a state of being? Is it a fleeting emotion that crosses our faces with smiles? Joy is exuberance in its own state. A fleeting feeling but a feeling all the same that allows us to feel again as we remember past memories. It is ultimately something that is immeasurable and unconceivable at a whim. Joy transcends even the most fleeting feeling of “feeling good”. Joy can ultimately be an emotion that if it can be, frozen in time, captured in film. For once this emotion passes, it can never cease to exist as it once did.

Can we measure something that is immeasurable? Certainly to our ever logical brain, the answer will always be no. But, what if, in all the possibilities that the universe grants us, can the answer possibly be yes? Of course! Time is of an exception because time is a state; it was created by human beings to measure anything that can allow productivity. But can we measure all else?

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