I Journey to Allow FLOW to happen.

Tonight I start. Tonight I start a journey that I have been postponing for so long. Thoughts of fear bound me as I let my thoughts be documented on these pages. I have wanted to do this for so long but there was always something that would stop me, some excuse that I would make that would postpone the writing. And as I type everything down right now, my heart is beating faster than normal. Feelings of fear, excitement, worry, joy. All mixed emotions.

It’s late and all I want to do is sit here and write, write all that goes on in my thoughts down. The only thing that I fear doing is sharing myself to the world and showing the real me.

I know this post might not make sense and all you can read are rants and random thoughts, but to be honest, this is me posting from vulnerability and honesty. From courage most of all.

This is the first step that I am choosing to make to achieve my goal — to write and share my thoughts to others.

I’m not making much sense here but the fact that I am writing this and posting it out there tells me that I am doing an act of courage and commitment. Courage, to take the first step, and commitment, to me and to the gift I was given.

So here goes..

I sit here in the confines of a small room, silence engulfs my mind even with the noise surrounding me. I choose to give in to the silence. It is beautiful. Peaceful. In the confines of this shell I call the body, I am given a gift by God to experience and pursue something I love, putting my thoughts onto these pages. I see an ink moving gracefully, transforming a simple thougth into beautiful words. I sit here feeling all the Soul of the World needs to tell me. It is during this moment that I find peace. Peace and Love transfered to me. I don’t know how to explain the feelings but they are strong. They are like music in the soul that wants to be played. To me they are music that wishes to be written. I don’t see the words, yet I allow them to be written. I’m not sure how this is happening but the words just seem to be flowing. I do not have control of them. I, a vessel, am worthy to write these words down.

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