Human Connection

Flying 10,000 feet above the ground is an innovation that is taken for granted. Driving an autonomous car will be also be taken for granted soon, and in the near future we can include interstellar travel to the list. Comfort — a thing many companies market, turns something that was once idealistic into reality.

Simple, and fast! We can correlate the comfort of technology and innovation to the simple fact that as a society we continue to build things that are directly related to the release of dopamine.

What i realized from this is that if Dopamine is the end goal, then there can never be any contentment, you will always want more.

Pain, slow, complex are definitely not the words that make for the best experience. It’s become universal knowledge that anything worthwhile is not easy: as it comes with struggle, sweat, and tears. By simplifying the process, the reward that comes with work diminishes and becomes less pleasurable.

All the things we take for granted become norms and when you take those out of the equation the accustomed human becomes helpless.

Technology has pushed the boundaries creating simplified process. However, we have become out of touch with becoming self sufficient as we now depend on simple technologies to take care of everyday tasks. Smartphones have made our lives easier to connect on the go, yet there are moments where individuals become so consumed with what is going on their device they fail to connect with others.

Human connections have become scarier, as the idea of rejection prevents people from even trying to have a simple discussion. As a society we prefer the dopamine that is released from superficial visuals than even trying to have a friendship flower.

Which begs the questions:

Does the effort make the reward that much better? Are we willing to sacrifice our simple now customary comforts to connect with others?

I want to connect with humans out there that can share their stories with me and carry on conversation, those who are willing to take rejection and build off of that.

Let me know if you are out there.

Michelle is an avid learner of all things interesting to her. In short, she is a bit of a nutcase, but in a way where her mind just never stops churning at the possibility of outcomes. She believes in the free flow of opinion and conversation.