Emotional Intelligence Should Be Taught in High School

I’ve been trying to help one of my friends work through a pretty simple conflict with another person. There are so many roadblocks. A lack of emotional identification and coping techniques. Endless rumination. Externalizing blame. Assumptions about what the other person is thinking. Inability to identify their own needs and formulate requests. I can’t help but think that some very basic emotional awareness and communication techniques, taught early on, could have helped this person (and all of us) through so many things in their life.

Perhaps most debilitating is the belief that “shrinks are for crazy people”, which is so common in the Midwest.

If we could plant the idea that EQ is a skill, something that you can always get better at, like writing, or fitness, or math, then maybe people could see their emotional well being as something that they can be continuously improving, and therapists as coaches who help you level up even faster.