How to Start Waking Up at the Same Time Everyday

I can assure you I have read every blog post and watched every Youtube video about waking at the same time everyday. I take joy in a daily routine, yet I have steadily failed achieve this feat for the past four years, until this month. This month is the first that I have been able to consistently wake up at the same time everyday with wavering. After trying numerous methods, I realized the key to waking up at my desired time is to establish an incentive that is truly dear to my heart. As an undergraduate student in a program with one of the highest tuitions in the country, nothing serves as a better incentive than food and money, mixed with a desire to win. I formed a bet with my friend that we have to mutually wake up at the same time everyday. If one of us fails, we owe the other a meal equivalency(a meal equivalency is a food pass to a dining hall, or worth exactly $8.70 at a campus restaurant).

The takeaway? Reflect on what you truly value, and put it on the line. This mix of accountability, competitiveness and reward might be just what you needed as well.